Friday, February 17, 2006

Bryant Gumbel - American Idiot.

Bryant Gumbel's stupid racist crack about the winter Olympics isn't as bad as it appears at first glance.

It's a lot worse.

It's not that he made a racist remark that would have gotten him pilloried out of show business if it were directed at anyone other than the politically correct target of Whitey - it's not that he was just plain STUPID with his 'pseudo-athletics' crack

It's not that he was arrogant and mean with what he said.

It's that he was so terribly AMERICAN.

How AMERICAN to be ignorant of the incredible fitness levels of cross-country skiers. How AMERICAN to assume any sport not commercialised in America is of no use. How AMERICAN to need to be spoon feed sports by the networks or it doesn't exist. How AMERICAN to hold any sport that does not involve impact, trash-talk or steroids to be comptemptuous.

I bet he almost PUKED when that Norwegian coach gave the Canadian girl a ski pole. Imagine - SPORTSMANSHIP. How TOTALLY not American.

America is screwed, you know. Rome had to be like this towards the end. More later.


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